In the sale

No hassles, no unforeseen
events and with things clear

Selling your home can be confusing. Choosing the right price, finding a buyer willing to pay what you are asking, managing the paperwork… There are many things to take into account. We accompany you and manage them all so that you can sell with the peace of mind of always knowing how the process is progressing.

What is our formula for selling your home?

We appraise your flat so that you get the price right

We value your property and propose an honest and competitive price so that you can find your ideal buyer and sell it to your satisfaction.

We transform your home into your buyer's dream home

We depersonalise the property. We relocate, rearrange and remove personal belongings so that your buyer can imagine living in that property from the moment they walk through the door. We also offer Home Staging services to redecorate any space and make you fall in love at first sight.

We bring you only customers who are really interested in buying

Your property will have a photographic report and a 360º tour, so that the user can get a realistic idea of the property, without wide angles that distort the spaces. This is how we ensure that every visit you have is a real potential client. We use this unique material to promote your flat on networks, with online advertising and on the major real estate portals.

We save you from all the headaches

We handle all the paperwork and accompany you through the necessary processes all the way to the handover of the keys. We inform you honestly and transparently so that you always know what is going on.

Changing things together

When you work with us you will pay only a 3% fee which includes the cost of obtaining the certificate of occupancy and the energy certificate. We take care of the paperwork and the cost of everything. In addition, we will donate part of this amount to the Arrels Foundation, which works to help homeless people in the city of Barcelona. This is how we change things together.

In the purchase

The security of buying well
is priceless

We sell spaces for all tastes and needs and we give you the time you need to make your decision calmly. We want you to buy with the security of wanting to start your new stage there.

What is our formula for finding your home?

We find your next home

We make sure we understand what you are looking for to find it in our property portfolio. And if we don’t have it, we search the market for you, so you don’t waste a minute of your time.

We help you find financing

We work to help you get the best mortgage without having to visit several bank branches. We help you with all the paperwork so that you understand what you are signing and you do so knowing that you have chosen the best option.

We close the deal together

We accompany you in the sale and purchase, the contracts and all the necessary documents to carry out the purchase with guarantee and without surprises. We leave everything ready so that there are no unforeseen events before the signing.

We are still with you even if you already have the keys

We don’t say goodbye at the notary’s office. That’s why we stay with you for moving house, taking out insurance, changing supplies and anything else you need after the purchase. This is a long-distance race, not a sprint.

In the rent

Peace of mind for
the tenant and landlord

We rent your flat as if it were our own. We work with experts in graphic reports so that your property for rent looks like never before and stands out in networks and on the main portals. From here, everything flows without you having to be on top of it.

We organise the visits, inform you of the progress and filter the candidates so that you can choose with guarantees. When the rental is ready, we take care of depositing the deposit for you at INCASOL. All this without charging anything to the owner, unlike other companies.