Exit and enter

Our key to worrying about
absolutely nothing

We work with all kinds of suppliers to help you move house and speed up procedures such as moving house, getting rid of what you don’t need in a sustainable way, cleaning to leave your home in good condition, any small repairs you may need and more.

And if your new home needs a tune-up?
We help you to set up

• We arrange the change of utilities
• We look for the best home insurance for you
• We manage the refurbishment
• Removals and furniture storage


You leave your old flat
that we have already
sold or rented


You enter your new home
where your things are waiting
for you in its place


You forget everything
and focus on enjoying
your new home

Home staging

A neutral home
is easier to sell

We transform the image of your home into a space that your potential buyer will love.
We prepare beautiful homes that sell faster and at a better price.

How do we do it?

In empty flats: We decorate with atrezzo furniture, adding our touch so that the buyer perceives the property as their future home.

In furnished flats: We redistribute the space and depersonalise it (photos and personal objects) to create a neutral atmosphere. We also repair small flaws so that the property looks its best.

• We can also carry out renovation projects so that you get a better price for your home.


We look for the best conditions
without commitment

Mortgage loans are the best way to finance the purchase of a property, as they serve as the main guarantee for the repayment of the amount requested.

At GdH Properties we have partnered with aFinance to offer you a free, no-obligation study to obtain the best conditions on the market.

•  Professional and personalised service
•  More than 20 years of experience of aFinance in the sector.
•  Good relationship with the different banks
•  Totally free study


Don't waste time
with the formalities

We make it easy for you to obtain:

• Energy certificate and habitability certificate
• Change of supplies
• Different insurances, home insurance, non-payment of rent, etc…
• We help you to obtain financing for the mortgage